Health insurance exchange in Utah to be partnered with federal government

Health insurance Utah Senate Building

The state governor has announced that a new offer has been made to Kathleen Sebelius. Governor Gary Herbert of Utah has just announced that he has updated the offer from his state to Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, saying that half of the health care exchange will be run by the state, and the other half will be run by the federal government. For months, the federal government has been trying to get states to operate their own marketplaces. These health insurance exchanges will provide small…

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Health exchange sees serious challenges in Arkansas for 2012

Insurance Commissioner Jay Bradford, the lead insurance official in Arkansas, has said that he will “go down fighting” in support of the establishment of insurance exchanges within the state under the newly overhauled federal healthcare program. It has started to look as though great – possibly insurmountable – odds are building against Bradford, but he has insisted that he has not given up on the chance to put the exchanges into place. He also indicated that he may begin a new push in February when the new fiscal season has…

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Proposed Texas state run health insurance program in the forefront

Texas may be establishing a state-run health insurance exchange, should legislation proposed by Rep. John Zerwas come to fruition. The bill would create a simplified insurance market for the state and serve as its exchange as dictated by the federal health overhaul passed the previous year. Under the plan, consumers can choose from plans that are eligible for federal subsidies, of which all will be state-regulated. Though opposed to the health care reforms proposed by the Obama administration, Zerwas ascribes to the “connector concept,” a middle-ground for state and federal…

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