Some may avoid tax penalties if they do not have health insurance

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Affordable Care Act tax penalties may not be a problem for some people Some people without health insurance in the United States may not be subject to tax penalties next year. According to the Affordable Care Act, all U.S. citizens must have a certain level of health insurance coverage. If people do not have the adequate level of coverage, they could be subject to fines from the federal government, issued during tax season. Some people may qualify for an exemption from these fines, however, due to provisions of the federal…

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Majority of the public believes the 2009 auto industry bailout helped the economy, despite opposition

New poll shows public opinion on bailout tactics for industry. A new poll performed by Harris Interactive, has determined that the vast majority of the American public would not support any additional insurance, construction, banking, or auto industry bailouts, and that while only a small percentage of people think that the insurance and banking bailouts of 2008 helped the economy, the vast majority feel that the auto industry bailout of 2009 (especially of Chrysler and GM) did provide an economic boost. The poll also indicated that a large number of…

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