Cyber crime rates soar as 43 percent of Americans have already been victims

Cyber Crime Rates - Cyber Security

Nearly half of all people in the United States have been affected by cybercriminal activities so far. A new report based on a survey by ValuePenguin revealed that almost half – 43 percent – of Americans have been a victim of some kind of digital invasion, as cyber crime rates skyrocket. Though financial loss is a risk, consumers are also afraid of the misuse of their personal information. Almost half of all victims of cyber crimes are impacted by financial losses in some way. That said, the cyber crime rates…

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Cyber insurance sales boom in Ireland

cyber insurance

Businesses are beginning to look to insurance in order to protect themselves from digital threats Cyber insurance policies are beginning to gain more attention as hackers begin focusing more heavily on businesses with lackluster protection in place. Hackers have been taking advantage of businesses for several years and businesses have often failed to keep up with the pace at which security software as well as hacking techniques have advanced. As such, insurance protection is becoming vital to the longevity of business large and small. In Ireland, the sale of cyber…

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North American companies avoiding cyber insurance according to Towers Watson

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Are companies leaving themselves vulnerable to a cyber attack? Towers Watson, a leading consulting firm with expertise in risk assessment, has released its annual review of corporate risk this week. The firm surveyed several corporations throughout North America and found that most do not take cyber security seriously, especially in terms of insurance coverage. The firm has also found that the corporations purchasing cyber security insurance are doing so in limited capacity and seem unwilling to purchase comprehensive coverage. This may be a problem in a world where the Internet and…

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