Louisiana employee health insurance coverage may become more expensive

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Insurance coverage for the state’s retirees and current employees may soon become more costly Louisiana’s employee health insurance program may be out of money by the end of the state’s budget year, according to Commissioner of Administration Kristy Nichols. Governor Bobby Jindal has proposed significant changes to the program in order to avoid its financial collapse, but these changes have been heavily criticized by many of the state’s lawmakers. If no action is taken on the matter, insurance coverage for the state’s employees could become significantly more expensive. Rates for…

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Louisiana will not build a health insurance exchange

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Louisiana rejects plans to build an exchange program Louisiana has become the latest state to inform the Department of Health and Human Services that it will not run its own health insurance exchange. The state has been examining the viability of an exchange program for some time, but has been fundamentally opposed to the overarching Affordable Care Act. The state’s stance on the health care reform law has put it at odds with the federal government’s insistence that states build a working health insurance exchange. Governor Jindal notifies federal agency…

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Louisiana health groups file lawsuit concerning health insurance

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Health groups argue Insurance Commissioner overstepped boundaries in regard to health insurance laws Two health care groups in Louisiana have filed a lawsuit against Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon concerning his actions in the wake of Hurricane Isaac. The groups – Louisiana State Medical Society and the Louisiana Hospital Association – argue that the Insurance Commissioner exaggerated his authority as a response to the natural disaster. The lawsuit cites the changes the Commissioner made to health insurance regulations and coverage due to an emergency ruling that granted him with expanded authority.…

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Citizens Property Insurance prepares for Tropical Storm Isaac

Tropical Storm Isaac

Citizens Property Insurance begins preparations for a potentially powerful storm Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance is preparing for the coming of Tropical Storm Isaac. The storm has lashed the Florida Keys, causing a modest amount of damage in the region, but is making its way further into the Gulf of Mexico. The storm is expected to make landfall, where the National Hurricane Center suggests that it could gain hurricane strength. The government agency has issued warnings stretching from Louisiana to parts of the Florida panhandle, encouraging states and consumers to prepare…

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Health care reform deadlines are forcing states to make a move

The Department of Health and Human Services recently established a deadline one of the key provisions of the Affordable Care Act. The health care reform law mandates states to create health insurance exchanges by 2014, and the HHS says they must show they have made ample progress toward this goal by 2012. Should states fail to adhere to these deadlines; the federal government will take charge of the exchange and establish one itself. The looming deadline has left many states scrambling to get their programs off the ground, and has…

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