USAA insurance company offered military members financial help during shutdown

servicemembers military USAA Insurance company

The insurer was providing interest-free loans to military members whose paychecks were impacted by the government shutdown. Military members whose paycheck depends on the government staying open had a bit of help from the USAA insurance company. The insurer offered military members interest-free loans to help them to fill the gap until they start getting paid again. USAA members in the armed services were essentially offered interest-free payday loans. The money wasn’t being handed out for free, but the USAA insurance company did provide armed services who wouldn’t be paid…

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Employer-sponsored health insurance for government workers evolving

Group Health Insurance

Employer-sponsored health insurance gap shortening between public and private sectors A new analysis from USA Today has found that many state and local governments throughout the country are saving significant amounts of money on employer-sponsored health insurance by cutting the benefits that are provided to workers. According to federal data, government workers typically have access to more generous health insurance benefits than those in the private sector. Several economic factors, such as a major recession, have encouraged states to make changes to the coverage they offer employees, in an attempt…

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Largest workers’ compensation insurance company in California to lay off 1,800 by next June

The State Compensation Insurance Fund, a government-controlled insurer which is the largest workers’ compensation insurance company in California, has announced that one of its efforts to cut expenses and streamline its operations will be to lay off approximately one quarter of its total 6,800 employees. Chief executive of State Compensation Insurance Fund, Tom Rowe, said that as many as 1,800 civic service workers will be eliminated by the end of June 2012, as the company has been determined to be overstaffed by about 30 percent. This is the first time…

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