Insurance news in the E.U. shows consumers preparing for G-Day

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Starting in December, the massive upheaval in premiums will kick in as gender is no longer a coverage factor. The insurance news that will rock the European Union next month will explode as policyholders open their bills and discover that the premiums that they had previously been quoted will experience a notable difference. A European Court of Justice ruling has said that gender cannot be used to calculate premiums. This means that insurers will no longer be able to take into account whether a customer is a man or woman…

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Europe establishes guidelines for interpretation of insurance gender pricing regulation

The European Union has now established a set of guidelines that are designed to provide insurers with some assistance with the interpretation of a ruling made by the EU court that states that it is no longer permitted for insurance companies to use gender as a factor for calculating the premiums that will be paid for various forms of coverage. The insurance industry has heavily criticized the ruling, which reversed years of traditional practice by insurers who have used gender as a part of their formulas for determining product pricing…

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European automobile insurance companies may begin using black boxes to establish rates

Car insurance companies in Europe that are looking for a way to work around the ban in Europe on charging different rates to male and female drivers are considering innovative new technology using black boxes that may completely change the way that auto insurance premiums are calculated. The largest automobile insurer in the United Kingdom, the Royal Bank of Scotland, is one of the companies currently investigating and testing the use of this technology, which uses a small device to monitor the way that customers use their vehicles so that…

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