Gay couples often struggle to obtain fertility treatment insurance coverage

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Reproductive advocates call for an update to the definition of infertility as it is used by insurers. Gay couples across the United States are struggling to obtain fertility treatment insurance coverage. The reason is that the term “infertility” is typically defined by insurers using heterosexual terms. Conventional coverage requires couples to try to conceive for a year via intercourse to be eligible. In the majority of states, fertility treatment insurance will require a woman who doesn’t have a male partner to attempt intrauterine insemination as many as one dozen times…

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Insurance coverage for in vitro fertilization to end in Quebec

in vitro fertility insurance coverage

The Canadian province is making a dramatic cutback in one of its most openhanded fertility treatment public funding plans. Since the creation of the generous public funding program in Quebec, Canada for fertility treatments was first created four years ago, its costs have skyrocketed, causing the province to slash back the insurance coverage that it had been providing for in vitro fertilization. Gaétan Barette, the Health Minister of Quebec recently tabled a bill ending in vitro medicare coverage. The insurance coverage for in vitro fertilization had, for the last four…

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