4 Important Insurance Plans and Their Benefits for You

insurance plans basics

Some insurance plans remain essential in life no matter how expensive they can get. For this reason, it’s best to understand the situation of your living condition and your needs in cases of emergency to reasonably choose plans for insuring yourself and your loved ones. However, there is something called too much insurance, which can put a strain on your savings or income and may hurt you more than protect you. Different types of insurances have various benefits; for example, they can increase your credit score and insurance portfolio, other…

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A look at China from an insurance point of view

Largest insurers in China have legal problems

China is a huge country and there are different areas that people live in.  Elite China is a modern fast pace area with high speed trains, high rise buildings, luxury cars, gated housing developments and stores.  The rising class of China doesn’t have all the luxury like the elite, but their standards of living over the past 10 years have greatly improved.  There is an area of China where their lifestyle and poverty level is similar to when Mao ruled China and they face many difficult times. In December 2001, China was…

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