Earthquake insurance recommendations made following recent activity

Oklahoma Earthquake Insurance

The tremors that have been occurring in Oklahoma have caused officials to discuss coverage. There have been a number of homeowners across Oklahoma that have been taken completely off guard when their homes were rocked by tremors, and they are now starting to look into earthquake insurance, particularly as state and industry officials have started to talk about the coverage. There are a number of different things that should be taken into account when shopping for these policies. Experts in and representatives of the earthquake insurance industry have been speaking…

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Virginia officials encouraging residents to purchase earthquake insurance

Virginia officials are urging residents to check their home insurance policies to ensure they have protection against earthquakes. The initiative comes as a new law takes effect, which will force insurance companies to disclose what their various policies do not offer coverage for. State officials are hoping that residents will be proactive in finding out what coverage they may lacking and take steps to rectify the problem before they fall victim to a devastating natural disaster. According to the State Corporation Commission’s Bureau of Insurance, many Virginia residents do not…

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