Cyber insurance benefits become increasingly clear to businesses

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A recent RIMS survey revealed that companies are purchasing this coverage at a growing rate. The RIMS Cyber Survey 2015 has been released and what it has revealed is that 51 percent of the members of that Risk Management Society have purchased stand-alone cyber insurance policies in order to protect them from the threats associated with data breaches and other digital invasions. It is clear that the steady stream of data breach news headlines is starting to impact the perceived risk. In order to better understand the risk management strategies…

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Cyber liability insurance gains popularity outside of corporations

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Other types of organizations, including school boards, are now investing in the coverage. Following the latest tremendous data breach – the one that struck Target and that gave hackers access to the consumer debit and credit card account information from about 40 million people – a growing range of types of organizations are looking into cyber liability insurance and the type of coverage that it can provide them. Ann Arbor Public Schools is the latest to join this flood of non-retail groups that are covering themselves. While Target fights to…

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New Data Protection Insurance

With the world continuing to move into a more technologically driven future, the threat against virtual security is becoming much more prevalent. In the medical field, changes are being made to move patient records into electronic data bases and that means that they will become susceptible to hackers. As a result of this many insurance companies are beginning to offer protection for physicians and their patients, known as data breach protection. When a data breach incident occurs, physicians are required by law to report the happening to a PR agency,…

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