Crop insurance receives more legislative attention in the US

Corn Belt - GMO Crop Insurance program

Legislators again consider crop insurance reforms Crop insurance in the U.S. is often criticized as being a major financial drain on the federal government. This type of insurance coverage is part of the federal government’s safety net for farmers, which is meant to provide farmers with financial support in the event of natural disasters and to ensure that they have an incentive to produce crops. The country’s crop insurance program has become the target for those seeking reform, with some federal lawmakers suggesting that the program encourages farmers to adopt…

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Crop insurance subsidy limits applauded by reformers

us crop insurance program

Those in favor or restrictions of this nature gave their praise to a U.S. House of Representatives vote. Reformers for the crop insurance subsidy gave their approval to a vote that was held by the U.S. House of Representatives that would require the wealthier growers to have to pay more in order to take part in the federally subsidized program. This is also the first time that an eligibility limit has been placed on this highly expensive program. The federal crop insurance program is already costing the country $9 billion…

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Crop insurance a key part of Obama’s federal deficit remedy.

President Obama unveiled his plans to tackle the federal deficit Monday. One of the ways the administration will confront the federal deficit is by making changes to the overarching agricultural infrastructure of the nation. Obama is looking to provide farmers with a $5 billion annual subsidy that will help them regulate the price of crops and purchase crop insurance in order to guard against natural disasters. This will remove the direct payment structure that has been in place in the industry since 1996, however, a move that has garnered a…

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