Maine health insurance reform deemed failure by report

Maine Health Insurance

Report highlights problems created by health insurance reform Consumers for Affordable Health Care, a non-profit advocacy organization based in Maine, has released a new report concerning the health insurance overhaul that was passed in the state last year. The law brought significant health insurance reforms to the state that were well received by residents. The report suggests, however, that the health insurance overhaul is not accomplishing its goals and may be doing more harm than good. The report is based on information from the Main Bureau of Insurance. Law aims…

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Maine health insurance premiums continue to climb

Health Insurance plans

Main health insurance premiums grow despite more accommodating laws Several states in the U.S. are preparing to adopt and comply with more stringent insurance regulations due to the Affordable Care Act. Maine, however, is breaking this trend by loosening its insurance rules. These rules are often cited for making Maine one of the states with the highest insurance premiums in the country. State officials hope that by being more lenient on insurance companies they will be able to encourage a reduction in premiums and make insurance coverage more affordable for…

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