Insurance industry of Brazil sees promising growth potential

Brazil Insurance Industry

Allianz predicts Brazilian insurance industry will see significant growth this year Allianz, Europe’s largest insurance organization, has high hopes for the insurance industry in Brazil. The country boasts of one of the most promising insurance markets in the world, partly due to an expanding economy and the relatively low number of natural disasters it has seen over the past year. Brazil has begun investing heavily in its infrastructure, especially where electrical power is concerned. The country has been showing strong support for renewable energy, but still maintains a reliance on…

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Emerging markets show promise, according to Lloyd’s

Lloyd’s has been making a significant effort to improve access to overseas markets after seeing promising opportunities for international trade among emerging economies. Though Lloyd’s has been very active in this pursuit, it also published an article on its own website which requested improved cooperation among the participants in the markets, itself, and the managers within its own country, which would allow for further improvements to the current opportunities. It was acknowledged by Lloyd’s that regardless of the financial crisis worldwide, a number of emerging markets within Latin America and…

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