Cancer insurance doesn’t deserve its bad rap

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Several kinds of supplemental policies have earned a bad reputation, but cancer insurance provides more than most people realize. Recently, an article posted in the NY Daily News had come down on certain types of insurance plans that experts state, “are not worth your money”. Stating that there are insurance policies like pet insurance, ID theft, child life, credit, cell phone and cancer insurance that consumers should just dismiss. There is a time when someone might be over-insured but when taking a closer look at California cancer insurance plans, you don’t want to make a…

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Medicare is just not enough for senior citizens

With most U.S. senior citizens carrying Medicare the well used system has its pitfalls, leaving many worrying about coverage. Democrats have recently stated that they would not allow the Republicans to cut the funding to Medicare and its beneficiaries. However, even with this possibility, Medicare just is not enough for senior citizens. Supplemental health insurance is given to many senior citizens in order to close the gap and pay less. More often than not, getting health insurance can be rather confusing, as well as expensive. Thankfully, though, there are special…

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