Usage based insurance technology embraced by drivers who want to save

usage based insurance auto

According to the results of a recent survey, drivers will report their data in order to achieve greater savings. The results of a survey from Cisco Systems, the networking giant, have now been released in a report from the company that have shown that usage based insurance has great potential as consumers are willing to embrace technology in their vehicles in order to enjoy lower premiums. Consumers have shown that they would be willing to allow insurers to track their driving data in exchange for savings. The results of the…

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Worldwide usage based insurance market to break the €50 billion mark in 8 years

Usage based insurance

Global use of telematic technology and methods will skyrocket by 2020. According to a report by PTOLEMUS Consulting Group, an international strategy consulting firm, usage based insurance is going to change the way that auto insurers and their policyholders do business together. The report is being applauded as the most comprehensive ever created on insurance telematics. The strategic report was 400 pages long and is expected to become the document used by the industry as a standard reference, as it provides vital data regarding the global landscape for auto coverage,…

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