Renters insurance still battling with consumer misunderstandings in Atlanta

Renters Insurance

Research is indicating that many tenants feel that coverage is less affordable than it actually is. Though the number of tenants is on the rise, according to national American statistics, over half are not protecting their possessions and their place to live through renters insurance. The primary reason that tenants have identified as a barrier to coverage is an inability to afford it. Recent research performed in Atlanta and other major American cities have shown that a misunderstanding of the cost of renters insurance is leading many tenants to refrain…

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Renters insurance missing among 66 percent of tenants

Renters insurance

Two out of every three Americans who rent their home are risking all of their possessions. A recent study has just revealed that only 34 percent of American tenants currently have active renters insurance, which means that the majority of them are taking a gamble with all of their belongings should they ever experience a fire, burglary, or other peril that is typically covered by the policy. Among the most commonly cited reasons that those without coverage gave was cost. However, at the same time that tenants were saying that…

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