Homeowners insurance rates receive legislative attention in North Carolina

High-Valued Homeowners Insurance news

Lawmakers approve legislation that will provide consumers with more information concerning their insurance rates The North Carolina House of Representatives have unanimously approved legislation that would provide consumers in the state to receive more time when responding to proposed rate increases on their homeowners insurance policies. The legislation also received votes that will allow it to proceed to the state Senate, where lawmakers will determine whether or not to pass the legislation into law. The legislation will also provide consumers with more information from their insurance providers. Consent to rate…

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Lawmakers seek to reduce cost of property insurance in North Carolina

Property Insurance

New legislation targeting property insurance has been introduced in North Carolina Lawmakers in North Carolina are looking to reduce property insurance rates by changing the state’s initiative to cover catastrophic losses caused by natural disasters. A new legislation has been introduce that would establish a public bonding authority, which will be part of the North Carolina Coastal Property Insurance Pool. The legislation would also require insurers to provide information concerning the costs they must bear by providing coverage to coastal properties and how much money they are making from these…

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