Bitcoin insurance now available to businesses

Bitcoin insurance industry news

Up to $5 billion in coverage is now being offered by a provider to protect companies. Companies that have been hoping to be able to open up to new types of currency and payments opportunities but who would also like to minimize the risk connected with doing so will now be able to obtain Bitcoin insurance from another provider, as Great American Insurance Group has announced that it is offering this type of protection. This virtual currency has been creating quite a stir but is maintaining its growth in adoption.…

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Reputational risk a growing concern for companies and insurers

In the advent of social media, a person’s reputation is beginning to play a much more important role in the world of business. A new trend has been born in the insurance industry in the form of reputational risk. This risk is most apparent in companies that have had their reputations damaged by some sort of incident that caused consumer backlash. Companies with bad reputations tend to fare poorly in their given industry, as consumers often steer clear of such companies. In some cases, this avoidance can mean the end…

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Bershire Hathaway opens doors in India

Berkshire Hathaway Inc., a U.S. based insurance company run by Warren Buffett, has announced that they will be entering the insurance market in India. The insurer will make its entrance into the Indian sector as a corporate agent of Bajaj Allianz General Insurance. Berkshire Hathaway will provide general insurance products via online distribution. They will focus their efforts mostly on auto insurance and branch out from there. The Indian insurance market is experience rapid evolution and Berkshire Hathaway is committed to providing the products that are needed most. According to…

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