Health insurance exchange in Missouri may still be state run

Missouri Health Insurance

Though the state may have said that it won’t be running its own marketplace, the issue drags on. The state of Missouri has already informed federal officials that it will not be creating its own health insurance exchange, but this has not closed the issue altogether. The extension of the deadline by the Department of Health and Human Services has encouraged further discussion. The state has now been talking about whether a health insurance exchange may be run by the state at some point in the future. The deadline change,…

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Health insurance exchange in Missouri will face voters

Health Insurance

The residents of the state will decide whether the online marketplace will be run by the state or federal government. Next month, when voters head out to cast their ballots, those in Missouri will be asked to address an additional matter, which will involve whether their health insurance exchange will be operated by the state or by the federal government. Some are saying that these votes may not have a large impact on the final decision. It has been suggested that the votes of the citizens in Missouri may have…

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Missouri postpones further health insurance exchange efforts

Following the voicing of concerns by several Republican senators, insurance officials from Missouri have taken a step back away from intentions to begin spending millions of dollars from the federal government on an investment into the computer technology that would be required to put a central element of the new federal health care law into place. In August, Missouri had been awarded a federal grant of $21 million to be applied to the preparation for the health insurance exchange to be created and run by the state and would allow…

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