Standard & Poor’s reports cost of Medicare increasing at its slowest rate in over half a decade

According to data recently released by Standard & Poor’s, over the last year, the revenue increase for hospitals resulting from Medicare patients was about one third over what had been seen from patients who are covered by some form of private health insurance. The S&P Healthcare Economic Index showed that the revenue from Medicare increased by 2.5 percent per hospital patient before June 2011, which is the slowest increase since January 2005, when S&P’s first started to monitor this income. That said, the revenue generated from patients who were covered…

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Medicare regulations may be causing shortage of cancer drugs

A month’s long shortage of cancer drugs may be the result of Medicare regulations. For several years, Medicare has provided coverage for cancer patients, allowing them to obtain treatments that they would otherwise have no access to. While Medicare offers this coverage, however, the number of cancer fighting drugs has been falling steadily. The phenomenon may be the result of a regulation within the Medicare system that dictates that doctors must purchase cancer drugs, not patients. Traditionally, patients have been responsible for purchasing their own medications as prescribed to them…

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Baby boomers fear Medicare benefits won’t be enough

Baby boomers fear Medicare benefits won't be enough

The First of the baby boomers that qualify for Medicare in 2011 are worried. A recent survey shows deep concern about whether or not, throughout their retirement, they can depend on a health insurance plan ran by the government. Poll sources say 43% of Americans born on 1946 to 1964 don’t expect to rely on Medicare perpetually while 20% feel that their Medicare is safe and the other 37% percent have mixed thoughts. Sources state that 63% of the baby boomers voted for dismissal of the idea of increasing the…

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