Workers compensation rate increase proposal rejected in Massachusetts

Joseph Murphy, the Massachusetts Insurance Commissioner on workers compensation plan

State Division of Insurance turns down the requested changes. The Massachusetts Division of Insurance has revealed that they have rejected the proposal that was made to increase the rates for workers compensation by 18.8 percent. The outcome of this will bring about no changes to the rates. The decision was made after having undergone a hearing process that lasted five months. The result is that there will not be any change to the current workers compensation rate. According to a statement from the Division of Insurance, this is expected to…

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Massachusetts insurance agents rally against use of socioeconomic factors to price insurance coverage

Massachusetts insurance agents have come together to oppose the use of credit score and other socioeconomic factors when determine the cost of auto insurance. The Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents (MAIA) will be campaigning to bring the matter before Congress, where the group hopes legislators will ban what they call a “discriminatory practice.” More than 1,400 agencies representing MAIA are currently mobilized to gather signatures from registered voters for a petition that will bear their concerns to lawmakers. The campaign has won the support of Attorney General Martha Coakley, who…

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