Hawaii health insurance companies win approval for higher rates

Hawaii Health insurance company

Cancelled policies become more expensive in Hawaii Hawaii health insurance officials have approved rate increase proposals from some of the state’s largest insurance providers. The state’s Insurance Division has been investigating rate increase proposals to determine whether they are necessary or not and has seen a need for higher rates as insurers continue to juggle several financial issues. The new rates are primarily for insurance plans that were set to be cancelled due to the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Several insurers have moved to continue honoring these policies,…

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Insurers take the business approach to Obamacare

health care reform

Insurers are finding ways to omit Obamacare from their marketing The Affordable Care Act, often called “Obamacare,” has become a hyper-politicized issue within the U.S. While consumers and politicians throughout the country are arguing the merits of the federal law and how to fix its faults, insurance companies are looking at the issue from the perspective of business. Insurers throughout the U.S. are preparing for a public relations barrage, which will target the estimated 7 million new customers that could find coverage through health insurance exchanges. Insurers are expected to…

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COBRA loses federal subsidy, future of the program questioned

The end is nigh for one of the federal government’s most popular and well-used insurance plans. The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, more famously known as COBRA, will no longer be subsidized by the government beginning next week. The demise of the subsidy, which has provided insurance coverage to millions of unemployed citizens throughout the nation by lowering the cost of COBRA, has been met with little fanfare. After the subsidy ends, the options for those unable to afford conventional insurance coverage will become slimmer. Despite being designed to help…

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Analysts: Enrollment in states’ pre-existing conditions insurance plans incredibly low

The health care reform law of 2010 is well known for a number of provisions that have succumb to a seemingly endless tide of controversy. These provisions generally garner the majority of public attention, but it is one provision that has been in effect for over a year now that may point to some fundamental flaws in the federal law. The provision in question is one that originally drew in public acclaim, but has since faded into obscurity. According to the law, each state must have a Pre-Existing Condition Insurance…

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