Auto insurance discounts are missed by 84 percent of US drivers

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A recent study has shown that only 16 percent of American motorists actually take advantage of all savings opportunities. A new report was recently released by and has shown that a large majority of consumers in the United States are not taking advantage of all of the potential auto insurance discounts for which they might qualify with their providers. The report showed that only 16 percent of drivers had actually asked their insurance company about discounts. Among the types of auto insurance discount that are common are marriage, low…

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Ohio Insurance Department manages to save $23.5 million

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State agency saves funds while also reclaiming money for consumers The Ohio Insurance Department has announced that it has saved significant money in the wake of 2013 while also successfully recovering funds on behalf of consumers. According to the agency, it has saved some $23.5 million last year with the help of various community outreach initiatives. Consumer complaints also pointed the agency in the right direction, allowing state regulators to recover funds that had been taken from consumers either through fraudulent activity or other crimes involving insurance. Consumers complaints help…

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New auto insurance laws in Florida subject to optimistic outlook

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Regulators warn that a preliminary report concerning insurance savings could be inaccurate Florida’s new auto insurance laws have taken root, especially in the personal injury protection (PIP) sector, and some state officials suggest that they are leading to lower insurance premiums. The state’s insurance regulators are warning that the preliminary reports coming from some insurance companies and state officials could be nothing more than wishful thinking. The implications that the new auto insurance laws may already be leading to savings comes from a report that was recently released by the…

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