Insurance companies want consumers to do these things every day

Insurance companies - Holiday lights on house

The holiday season comes with many common risks and insurers are hoping policyholders will avoid them. Insurance companies see a spike in homeowners insurance claims throughout the month of December every year, but this year, they’re hoping to give a heads up to policyholders to save money for everyone. The more claims are filed, the more expensive it is to provide coverage and rates may rise. Claims are expensive not only for insurance companies but also for policyholders when they occur regularly enough. After all, the more expensive it is…

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Trash and mini-meds insurance plans continue to exist until healthcare reform becomes effective

According to the latest edition of Consumer Reports, to be released for March, so called “junk health plans”, also known as mini-meds insurance, continue to exist and will remain so until the full degree of the healthcare reform goes into effect. The March issue said that these plans are “legal but inadequate” and said that these and other forms of misleading product, such as medical discount cards and fixed benefit indemnity plans, are still widely in existence. The reason that these plans continue to be in operation is that wavers…

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What consumers need to know about gap insurance

We like to call it gap insurance, but even that isn’t fully correct as it also has gaps of its own. There appears to be a huge misconception when it comes to what people believe about gap insurance, and what it really is. To a lot of people they believe it covers everything their main insurance does not, as well as cover your car payments when you are unable to pay them yourself. This is not true, as you will find out what gap insurance DOES NOT cover, below. If…

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