Homeowners insurance discounts wrongly denied

An administrative judge has ruled that the discount forms used by the state’s property insurers are flawed. In a ruling that could potentially rock the entire homeowners insurance industry in Florida, an administrative judge has deemed the forms used by property insurers throughout the state for the calculation of premiums discounts to be highly flawed and that they must be completely rewritten. The decision from the judge could lead to massive implications for policyholders in the state. Many residents of Florida have made special efforts to hurricane proof their homes…

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Homeowners insurance premiums in Oklahoma are rising for many reasons

homeowners insurance

Many residents of the state are wondering why their rates are skyrocketing. Homeowners insurance policyholders in Oklahoma are now facing premiums that have risen by ten percent, and many are wondering what is behind this significant increase. In this case, the traditional explanations that would justify a rate hike don’t seem to apply. As materials and labor remaining about the same due to the current economy, and inflation is low – according to the government – many are struggling to see what could possibly be behind a homeowners insurance rate…

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Homeowners insurance could cost less than what is being paid

Homeowners Insurance

British policyholders could save nearly £700 per year by comparison shopping. According to recent research, homeowners insurance in the United Kingdom is costing an average of £125 per year, per household, more than it needs to, simply because people are choosing to stay with their existing provider instead of shopping around. This is an estimated waste of £687 every year, according to a U.K. comparison site. The data analysis also determined that 29 percent of all homeowners insurance policyholders in the country simply automatically renew their policies with their insurers…

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Allstate to launch new homeowner’s insurance products throughout the U.S.

In October of last year, Allstate launched a new line of homeowner’s insurance products in Oklahoma called House & Home. The company’s initiative was met with success and now the insurer is gearing up to launch these products in various states through 2014. The products became popular amongst consumers because it provided them with a sleuth of discounts and new deductible and coverage options. The insurer has also introduced a more simplified quoting process that uses external information to fill out applications more quickly. As Allstate introduces these new insurance…

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