Bitcoin insurance now available to businesses

Bitcoin insurance industry news

Up to $5 billion in coverage is now being offered by a provider to protect companies. Companies that have been hoping to be able to open up to new types of currency and payments opportunities but who would also like to minimize the risk connected with doing so will now be able to obtain Bitcoin insurance from another provider, as Great American Insurance Group has announced that it is offering this type of protection. This virtual currency has been creating quite a stir but is maintaining its growth in adoption.…

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Great American Insurance Group introduces new program for monitoring driver habits

Great American Insurance Group has announced the release of a program designed for both non-profit and for-profit organizations, which allows them to monitor the job-related driving habits of their employees and volunteers and identify those that increase the risk of an accident. The SafetyFirst Systems and Specialty Human Services Division at Great American have been working together to create a program that provides these companies with credible, timely data about the drivers who are taking excessive risks or driving aggressively, and those who are distracted while they drive. It is…

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