Missouri imposes new law on health insurance navigators

Missouri Health Insurance

Health insurance navigators to seek state licensure A new law has been passed in Missouri that placed a strict requirement for counselors seeking to participate in the state’s health insurance exchange. These counselors, often called health insurance navigators, are meant to provide consumers with guidance concerning the policies offered through the state’s exchange program. Navigators are considered to be a boon by the federal government as they could help consumers find the best policies that suit their needs, thereby making health insurance exchanges more effective in their purpose. Law aims…

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Missouri Legislature overturns Senate Bill 749

Birth Control insurance

Lawmakers dismantle Senate Bill 749 The Missouri Legislature has overridden a veto from Governor Jay Nixon concerning legislation that would have allowed consumers and businesses to opt out of insurance coverage providing benefits for certain types of birth control. The legislation, called Senate Bill 749, could have required employers to provide coverage for abortions, sterilization, and other forms of birth control through their insurance company. The Legislature voted on overriding the legislation this week with a 26-6 vote from the Senate. Bill allows employers and individuals to opt out of…

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Missouri Senate overturns Governor Nixon veto on worker’s compensation changes

The Missouri Senate has overridden a veto from Governor Jay Nixon concerning the states worker’s compensation laws. Governor Nixon had vetoed a bill last month that would have imposed bans on some lawsuits regarding workplace injuries. The Senate voted to overturn this veto with a 24-9 vote, claiming that the ban would cause significant legal problems throughout the state. After overriding the veto from Governor Nixon, state legislators passed a bill that would stop employees from suing their co-workers for injuries they receive whilst working. This is not the only…

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Missouri postpones further health insurance exchange efforts

Following the voicing of concerns by several Republican senators, insurance officials from Missouri have taken a step back away from intentions to begin spending millions of dollars from the federal government on an investment into the computer technology that would be required to put a central element of the new federal health care law into place. In August, Missouri had been awarded a federal grant of $21 million to be applied to the preparation for the health insurance exchange to be created and run by the state and would allow…

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FEMA pulls disaster funds from the South to help the East Coast

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has announced that it will be freezing some of the disaster aid for the Southern U.S. in order to focus more resources on the East Coast to help the recovery effort in the wake of Hurricane Irene. Many Southern states are still struggling to recover from disastrous events earlier in the year. As Tropical Storm Lee surges through these states, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is looking for answers. Ahead of the storm, Nixon has issued a letter to FEMA challenging the agency to justify…

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Deadly Joplin tornado leaves town in pieces

A massive tornado brought havoc to Joplin Missouri this past weekend. As of Monday, the death toll is set at 116. City officials are calling the tornado the deadliest ever recorded since the National Weather Service began tracking such happenings 60 years ago.  The tornado, which touched down late Sunday evening, was classified as an EF-4 with winds exceeding 190mph. The damage is yet untold, but several neighborhoods have been utterly demolished. A state of emergency has been declared by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon. The event caught the attention of…

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