SmarterSafer coalition calls for U.S. flood insurance reform, facing December deadline

Flood Insurance Extension - Flooding

Recent efforts to overhaul NFIP has reached a struggling point, but one business group wants to push ahead. The latest shot at American flood insurance reform has come across a serious obstacle in its attempts to move ahead. However, a business and environmental groups coalition has strengthened its call for an overhaul to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). They’re pushing for lawmakers to make much needed changes to the program before its December expiry. The flood insurance reforms need to be made before December 8, 2017 if they are…

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National Flood Insurance Program coming to an end if Congress does not act by the end of the month

With flooding disasters wracking much of the Mideast and Southern U.S. more attention is being aimed at flood insurance. As more homeowners seek out the coverage they are finding that it can be quite expensive, especially for those living in places of high risk as designated by FEMA. The high cost of location-sensitive policies can put insurance coverage out of the financial reach of many. For these people, the National Flood Insurance Program can serve as a safety net between them and being uninsured. The program, however, is failing. To…

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