Life insurance bill takes aim at reducing fraud

Massachusetts homeowners Insurance

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is now deciding on his approval for regulations in the industry. Deval Patrick, the Governor of Massachusetts, is currently considering a bill that has been created in order to help to combat life insurance fraud by adding regulations to brokers and financial service companies that purchase policies from cash starved policyholders and then receive the benefits upon the death of those individuals. The sale of an individual’s policy for a fraction of its settlement total is both legal and common in Massachusetts. This is the case…

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California District Attorneys awarded million in grants to fight insurance fraud

California’s Department of Insurance is issuing over $3 million in grants to the state’s District Attorneys in an effort to battle the spread of fraudulent disability and health claims. The state has been wracked with fraud for several years, a fact that Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones has labored to rectify. According to Jones, the grants will be used to fun investigations and prosecutions as the state government looks to crack down on insurance fraud. Jones hopes that the move will also dissuade individuals from committing fraud, knowing that District Attorneys…

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