Iran offers insurance to sidestep EU sanctions

Oi insurancel tanker ship coverage

Iran begins taking matters into its own hands concerning insurance coverage Iran continues to struggle with strict sanctions enacted against it by the European Union concerning the country’s controversial nuclear program. As the sanctions begin to take their toll on the transportation of oil from the country, Iran is looking to take matters into its own hands. The country has entered into the insurance business, offering shipping companies coverage as a means to sidestep the sanctions imposed by the EU. The insurance coverage being offered by Iran would not only…

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Insurance industry backing financial integration in the European Union

EU Insurance Plan

EU continues to enact dramatic changes with the help of the insurance industry The ongoing financial crisis gripping Europe has been a subject of major concern around the world. The crisis has serious implications for the global economy, which could be severely impacted if the European Union cannot find a solution to the ongoing problem. The EU has turned to the global insurance industry, suggesting that insurance could be a way to solve the problems facing many of the countries facing economic troubles. In this case, insurance coverage is being…

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European Union holds back on Iranian oil sanctions, considers exemptions for insurers

The European Union has been deliberating on how to handle sanctions imposed against Iran since late last year. Iran has been the target of oil sanctions from much of Europe and the U.S. These sanctions would have a significant impact of the transportation of oil from the country and much of the Middle East. One of the major problems that would arise from the sanctions concerns the insurance industry. If the sanctions are enacted, insurers in Europe and the U.S. will no longer be able to provide coverage for ships…

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India seeks alternatives to European maritime insurers as EU sanctions on Iran loom

As the European Union prepares to impose sanctions on Iran and breaks its trade agreement with the nation, the maritime insurance industry is facing a bleak and complicated future. Insurers will not be the only ones to suffer from the move, however, as countries that depend on oil from the Middle East will also feel the impact of the action. Even countries that do not rely on Iranian oil are claiming that the EU’s actions will have a major effect on their economies. Such is the case in India, where…

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Institute of International Finance warns European Union regarding upcoming changes to insurance and banking regulations

As the European Union seeks to draft new plans governing the investments made by insurance companies, the world’s largest financial institution has voice concern over the initiative. The Institute of International Finance claims that the new rules being weighed by the EU will encourage insurers to seek out riskier investments. Such practice would put the world’s financial infrastructure in a dangerous position, as the assets most often pursued by insurance companies looking to generate major profit are the ones whose failure is disastrous. The EU is looking to change regulations…

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