Travel insurance makes a difference in the cost of a medical emergency

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can help to decrease the expense associated with medical emergencies away from home. Though travel insurance is overlooked by many people when they are planning a vacation, the fact is that it can make a significant difference in the costs associated with a medical emergency that occurs while you’re away from home – particularly when traveling out of the country. Though it may not be fun to think about what could happen if you need urgent medical attention in another country’s hospital or if you need emergency air…

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Travel Guard North America unveils new travel insurance product for outdoor adventures

travel insurance

New Travel insurance product covers sports enthusiasts who love everything from rock climbing to camping. A leading travel insurance policy provider, Travel Guard North America, has announced its latest offering in the form of a “Great Outdoors” plan, which is designed to better meet the needs of individuals who are active and enjoy exciting outdoor activities. This new form of protection provides travelers with a streamlined, comprehensive product that covers the individuals, and their equipment and gear, while they’re away on their adventures. It has solutions for everyone from campers…

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