Will dental insurance one day be key to mental health and Alzheimer’s prevention?

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A new study has potentially linked gum disease with the development of this form of dementia. When consumers purchase dental insurance, it’s usually to help to prevent cavities or cover expensive oral procedures. That said, a new study has potentially connected the Alzheimer’s disease risk with a bacteria associated with gum disease. The study was published in the Science Advances journal, presenting a new understanding of dementia. Thought it’s too early for consumers to start rushing to buy dental insurance to help preserve their future cognitive function, this study has…

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IBISWorld report shows the challenges and triumph of the dental insurance industry

IBISWorld, a market research firm serving many industries, has released a new report detailing the challenges facing the dental insurance industry as well as its successes over the past five years. Dental insurance is a rarity in the U.S., accounting for just 7% of all active insurance policies found in the country. While some of this may be due to persistent fear regarding dentistry from consumers, insurers claim that much of the industry’s shortcomings come from a bad economy and rising costs in medical care. The report shows that dental…

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