Cyber security is becoming risky for the insurance industry

Cyber Insurance industry popularity

Survey shows that insurers are becoming more concerned about cyber risks The Cyber Security Forum Initiative, alongside the Pew Research Center, has released the results of a new survey that highlights the risks that the insurance industry is facing. According to the survey, cyber risk and interest rates are now among the top risks that insurers are experiencing in the global market. Regulatory risks continue to be a significant concern for the insurance industry, but the rise in cyber attacks and other digital issues are beginning to cause concern for…

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P&C insurance agents must keep ahead of the latest threats to privacy

Agents and brokers for property and casualty insurance are being advised to keep abreast of the very latest information and statistics regarding the ever-growing risk of cyber attacks and the different kinds of coverage solutions that can allow their clients to decrease financial exposure. As hacking into private information of all types – financial, personal, and medical, for example – becomes increasingly common, insurance professionals must be able to keep up so that they can offer their clients the right forms of coverage, particularly in terms of miscellaneous professional liability.…

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