The high cost of long term care is rarely planned for

Long Term Care Insurance Premiums on the Rise

While planning for retirement, few people plan for the potential need for nursing home care. The cost of long term care has become one of the largest expenses faced during retirement. At the same time, only a small minority of people actually plan for this eventual need. By the time a person reaches the age of 65, their chances of needing a nursing home at some point are about 50-50 at the moment. These types of annual cost are very high and most people haven’t factored it into their savings.…

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Long term care insurance prices are soaring

Long Term Care insurance Costs

The cost of coverage for nursing home fees is up by double digits this year. The price associated with covering oneself against the cost of a nursing home or other similar forms of assistance service is skyrocketing, as long term care insurance premiums rise by 6 to 17 percent this year. The amount of the increase depends on the type of coverage that is purchased. This data is from the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance. Many insurers in this sector are finding that they are losing money and…

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Survey shows long-term care services are increasingly expensive

Metlife Mature Market Institute has published a report of the outcomes of its annual long-term care services costs survey, which includes home care, adult day programs, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes. The survey showed that the cost of long-term care services is continuing to climb, and that this year it rose more quickly than the rate of inflation. The only exception to this rule was the cost of home care services, which was the same from last year to this year. The average cost of care in a private…

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