Mergers among health insurance companies could drive rates skyward

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The American Medical Association has said that the reduction in competition will raise rates. The American Medical Association (AMA) has recently released the results of a study that claims that most health plan markets in the United States are currently led by a small number of insurance companies that may become even fewer with the current trend of mergers and acquisitions. The organization representing doctors and hospitals is criticizing the impact of this market shrinking. The reason is that they feel that if the current intentions of insurance companies to…

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Health insurance industry shows improved claims processing capabilities

Health Care Reform

Report targets the health insurance industry The American Medical Association (AMA) has released its fifth annual National Health Insurer Report Card. The report aims to rank the country’s health insurance companies based on their ability to serve customers and provides ratings based on issues such as transparency and business practices. According to this year’s report, the health insurance industry has made radical improvements to its operations. The report details these improvements and how they may be affecting consumers and highlights an issue that has garnered a great deal of interest…

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American Medical Association suggests physicians and consumers play a governing role in state-run health insurance exchanges

As states continue to show indecision regarding the establishment of health insurance exchanges, the American Medical Association has decided to enter the fray. The association, comprised of medical professionals throughout the U.S., has issued a number of recommendations to the Department of Health and Human Services. The AMA has suggested a number of rules that would serve as protection for patients and physicians participating in the exchanges. The AMA has also stated that physicians and patients should have a governing role in a state’s health insurance exchange program. Though the…

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American Medical Association gives the health insurance industry a poor grade in new report

The American Medical Association has announced disturbing finding regarding the nation’s health insurance companies. The AMA has released their latest National Health Insurer Report Card, which is a report that informs both the public and the health care industry about the accuracy insurance claims processing. Last year, the report found that nearly one in five of claims received by insurers had been processed incorrectly. The AMA had hoped that their report would spur health insurer to make changes to how they process claims. The latest report, however, shows that little…

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