Mobile commerce in the insurance industry is about to take off

Mobile Commerce

Ensquared is prepared for an explosion of smartphone adoption and online shopping. Leading smartphone and iPhone insurance authority, Ensquared, has announced the results of its latest customer and industry data analysis and has announced that American mobile commerce will truly be taking off within the upcoming two to five years. As a result, they also say that tablet and cell phone insurance will also skyrocket. Though the United States is never a world leader in terms of mobile commerce and devices, it is about to take on a leadership role…

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Oregon shows insurance agents are vital to state exchange

Auto Insurance survey

Health insurance agents in Oregon needed The state’s Health Insurance Exchange intends to train and utilize insurance agents to assist residents and small businesses that are uninsured to find the right plans by 2014 when the new health care mandate goes into effect. What has still not yet been entirely defined is specifically what role the agents will play and how that will influence consumers who could depend on them for their advice and suggestions. The Oregon Health Insurance Exchange board met last Thursday and, according to Kim Wirtz, an exchange…

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FHA mortgage insurance increases but likely won’t affect the housing market

Mortgage insurance on the rise but will it effect the market? Beginning on April 10, 2012, insurance rates for the federal housing administration (FHA) mortgages have increased from 1 percent to 1.75 percent, which will lead to a slight increase in the amount that home buyers will be paying. This is the fourth FHA borrowers’ increase in the last three years. The change was created to bring in more than a billion dollars to the federal government by September of this year. This will cause some impact on the actual…

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Florida consumers filed class-action lawsuit against Citizens Property Insurance

As Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance continues… to struggle beneath the crushing weight of debt, the state-run company’s policyholders are mobilizing for a massive lawsuit against the company. Consumers have filed a class-action lawsuit against the company this week in Tallahassee, Florida. Consumers are joined by Senator Mike Fasano, who believes that the company has been too bullish in its implementation of rate hikes. This is the same issue being brought to light by the lawsuit. Consumers claim that the company is overestimating the value of homes and thus driving up…

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Tips for driving safety in the winter for teens and other new drivers

driving safety for teen drivers during winter

Every year there are more cars on the roads… meaning driving safety, every winter, becomes a little bit more important due to treacherous, especially when extreme weather is thrown into the mix. These road conditions can bring about some very unexpected and frightening situations for even the most experienced drivers, let alone the new ones such as teens. Therefore, without experience for guidance, it is important to learn good quality tips to help to avoid accidents. Review the following every year before heading out into inclement weather: • Prepare the…

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Kaiser Permanente plans to pay consumers to lose weight

Kaiser Permanente of Colorado has announced that policyholders may be eligible for cash bonuses if they are willing to lose weight. The insurance company’s new “Weigh and Win” program will award consumers with up to $150 every three months if they lose a certain amount of weight and keep it off. All adults are eligible to participate in the program, but participation is not mandatory for all Kaiser Permanente policyholders. The insurer claims that weight loss is as effective mammograms and cancer screenings in helping consumers manage their health. The…

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AIR Estimates Losses from Turkey’s Van Earthquake at Between 100 million TRY (55 million USD) and 300 million TRY (170 million USD)

Catastrophe modeling firm AIR Worldwide estimates that insured losses from the M7.2 earthquake that struck eastern Turkey Sunday, October 23rd, near the city of Van will be between 100 million TRY (55 million USD) and 300 million TRY (170 million USD). (The range in losses results from uncertainties that exist in estimating earthquake source parameters e.g., magnitude, rupture length, depth, dipping angle, etc.)  Today, the third day since the Van earthquake, aftershocks continue in eastern Turkey. At least 400 aftershocks above M 3.0 have been reported in total, with the…

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