Workshops help New Jersey residents cut through red tape of flood insurance

Flood Insurance

Flood InsuranceFlood insurance bureaucracy delays recovery for many

New Jersey residents that fell victim to last year’s Hurricane Sandy have been struggling to overcome the seemingly insurmountable challenges that continue to delay their recovery process. In the wake of the powerful storm, which hit New Jersey in late October, 2012, many homeowners found that their properties had been destroyed. In some cases, consumers were able to rely on their homeowners insurance and flood insurance policies in order to cover the costs of the damage done by Hurricane Sandy. Many others, however, have been caught in a web of bureaucracy that has kept them from recovering.

State officials continue pressuring insurers to process claims more quickly

New Jersey lawmakers, including Governor Chris Christie, have been very vocal with their criticism over how insurance companies and other organizations have been conducting business in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Because the majority of the damage caused by the storm comes from the floods it created, however, the matter is often considered a federal issue, due to the fact that most homeowners received flood insurance coverage from the National Flood Insurance Program. The federal program, which has its own financial woes, has been slow to process the claims associated with Hurricane Sandy, significantly delaying the recovery process and forcing many homeowners to live as refugees in their own state.

Workshops help consumers find ways around insurance bureaucracy

In an effort to help victims of Hurricane Sandy get the benefits they need in order to recover, New Jersey officials have been hosting a series of workshops throughout the state. These workshops are designed to help victims cut through the proverbial red tape of homeowners insurance and flood insurance. The workshops invite insurance representative to attend and address the issues that consumers have regarding their coverage. According to Governor Christ Christie, insurers are given five days to respond to complaints that have been raised through these workshops and most of the state’s insurers have responded well ahead of that deadline.

FEMA officials show they are willing to aid in flood insurance woes

Representatives from the Federal Emergency Management Agency have been attending these workshops throughout the state as well. New Jersey has no jurisdictions over flood insurance as this coverage is typically handled through the National Flood Insurance Program. As such, FEMA officials have been working to address many of the concerns that consumers have regarding their flood insurance policies. In many cases, these policies have been the crux of the insurance problems that have been experienced by many New Jersey homeowners.

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