HSB rolls out new small business workplace violence insurance coverage

Workplace violence insurance - person looking stressed

The Munich Re company has developed a new type of product for small- and mid-size companies.

Munich Re company, HSB, has announced the creation of a new type of workplace violence insurance it is offering to small- and mid-size businesses.

The coverage is meant to help a company and its employees to recover after a violent event.

The new HSB workplace violence insurance provides the company’s employees with crisis communications, counseling, security services and lost business income coverage. The purpose is to support companies and their employees in their response and recovery to a violent event.

The HSB Workplace Violence Response product includes guard services, employee counseling, counseling for the immediate family members of the employees, and a full security assessment and recommendations based on that assessment. This coverage product was developed to provide small- and mid-size businesses with support when they are forced to respond to an act of physical violence involving a weapon on their worksite, and to recover from that threat afterward.

The workplace violence insurance covers events taking place within 100 feet of the policyholder’s business.

The coverage offered by this multi-line insurer includes events taking place on the covered business’ site as well as within 100 feet of that location. The policy’s definition of a “weapon” is a broad one. Moreover, it will also provide coverage in the case of events in which a weapon is not use, but in which a workplace homicide results.

The coverage was launched in response to a rising need smaller sized businesses have for insurance and services designed for businesses of their size during and following violent events.

According to HSB inspection, risk management, and IoT technology services provider, it recently sponsored a survey of small- and mid-size businesses. The results showed that one in three felt that violent events in the workplace were increasing. Moreover, 9 out of 10 respondents said that these types of events could happen at a business of any type and size.

Workplace violence insurance - person looking stressedThe new HSB workplace violence insurance is offered as an endorsement to small- and mid-size business policies through the insurer’s property and casualty insurance company partners.

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