Winner of the “My Vet’s the Best” quarterly contest announced by Pets Best Insurance

Pet InsurancePets Best Insurance has announced that Dr. Warren Eubank from the Lone Star Veterinary Clinic is the winner of the pet insurer’s quarterly contest for the best veterinarian.

The insurance company was established by Dr. Jack Stephens, a pet insurance expert who founded the very concept of health insurance within the United States. Pets Best Insurance said that they were proud to offer their congratulations to the winner of the contest.

This quarter’s winner, Dr. Warren Eubank from Lone Star Veterinary Clinic, which is based in Flower Mound, Texas, was nominated by his client, Victoria Ulrich, who send the insurer a glowing description of the veterinarian.

Dr. Eubank and the winning veterinary hospital will be receiving a prize of $500 from the insurer, for the purpose of helping to cover stray animal treatment costs or to assist pet owners who cannot afford treatments for their pets and do not have pet insurance.

For a decade, Victoria Ulrich, the nominator, has been training and rescuing Great Danes that are deaf and blind. Her letter to Pets Best Insurance described Dr. Eubank’s caring and persistent efforts to treat Pearl, Ulrich’s Great Dane, during a time of heartbreak and crisis.

Pearl was unable to move from her dog bed or even lift her head, one morning. Ulrich rushed her to Dr. Eubank right away, where he diagnosed the Great Dane with having had a stroke. With the intention of being able to bring back the dog’s ability to move around and function, Dr. Eubank started her on pharmacological treatment.

Throughout the entire length of the treatment Dr. Eubank was both compassionate and attentive with Ulrich, to the extent that she was even provided with his personal mobile number in case she needed to reach him.

Unfortunately, Pearl’s condition did not improve and began suffering from acute pain. Dr. Eubank was immediately contacted and he suggested that the dog be brought to the veterinary ER. There, it was discovered that Pearl had developed complications that could not be treated at the same time as the stroke. Not long after, the family made the heartbreaking choice to euthanize her.

Despite the fact that Dr. Eubank was on vacation, he travelled to Ulrich’s home to be there for the family during this agonizing time.

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