Will the healthcare overhaul be capable of keeping its promises of affordability?

Healthcare ReformThe entire design of the healthcare reforms has been intended to make sure that Americans will be able to have access to an improved level of health care, but at an affordable price. What individuals are waiting to discover is whether or not it will be able to live up to its promises.

The reason that this new healthcare system design was chosen was to make it significantly more efficient, so that its focus would be placed primarily on the patient’s health and the outcomes that are achieved, instead of the fee that will be paid for the service.

This way, those individuals who had previously not had any insurance would be able to receive coverage. Moreover, those individuals who would previously have been considered to be in an indigent care category would also receive their coverage, as the costs for this are worked into the new healthcare system. These costs are covered by higher rates among others who are insured, so that care remains affordable to everyone.

Furthermore, Medicaid’s coverage has been expanded to allow those who have previously been uninsured to obtain greater access to preventive and ongoing care, which is less expensive than having to pay for treatment at an emergency room or for inpatient care.

A University of California-Irvine (UCI) study has examined the costs that will be faced over time relating to these individuals who are newly insured and they have determined that “use of primary care increased but use of emergency services fell, and over time total healthcare costs declined,” according to economics professor David Neumark and the director of the Center for Economics & Public Policy study at UCI.

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