Why you should buy travel insurance for hurricane season 2012

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

With months of severe storm risks underway, additional coverage can protect against disruptions.

Now that the hurricane season 2012 has begun, travel insurance has become much more important as a method of protecting travelers against unforeseen disruptions to their itineraries which would otherwise generate rather costly outcomes.

This type of coverage is especially important for areas at a higher risk, such as the Caribbean.

Also included on that list are areas such as the Gulf of Mexico, Florida, and other coastal areas off the North American Atlantic. Though many travelers wonder if it would truly help them or if it is simply another expense, important trade groups such as the United States Travel Insurance Association claim that buying a policy is a “wise investment” that can not only provide peace of mind throughout your journey, but that can also save money in the event of a hurricane or other unforeseen circumstance.

Such protection and peace of mind can take a great deal of the worry out of travel, especially during hurricane season 2012. All that is needed to obtain coverage is to buy a policy from a carrier or a travel agent. It is beneficial for virtually every kind of travel, from airlines to cruises and from buses to trains. Even trips where you travel by car can be covered if there are nonrefundable reservations involved.

The trick to ensuring that you will be covered against a hurricane is to purchase the policy before the storm has been named. If the hurricane has already been categorized as such, then it is no longer considered to be an unforeseen circumstance and is therefore not covered by the majority of policies. This means that the earlier you purchase your coverage, the better.

This type of storm is one of the primary reasons that travelers buy these policies.

Hurricane prone areas generate more purchases of travel insurance coverage than many other areas of the world. This is because it simply makes sense to cover the costs that would be associated with delays and cancellations that result from these storms when you are traveling into places that are prone to them; particularly during hurricane season 2012.


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