White House to use upcoming Supreme Court healthcare law arguments to shape public opinion

Health Care ReformThe White House has started the use of an aggressive campaign that it hopes will help to shape the opinion of the public about the healthcare law that is the heart of the debates for the White House and Congress, by using arguments that will come up very soon in the Supreme Court.

Last week, officials from the White House summoned the leaders of dozens of different nonprofit organizations that are firm backers of the healthcare reforms, in order to help them to develop their strategy for press conferences, a prayer vigil, and a number of other events that will take place outside the court while the Supreme Court justices begin to hear the arguments over a period of three days that begin on March 26.

These supporters and officials designed a strategy that will highlight the practical benefits of the healthcare changes, such as the boost in young adult health insurance coverage. The officials from the White House have outright denied that they have been trying to build rallies that will occur outside the Supreme Court, which is located very near to Congress on Capitol Hill, and has stated that they are not encouraging demonstrations.

Instead, they have explained that the reason that they have been gathering next to the White House in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, was to provide these groups with an opportunity to learn about what the plans actually are.

Progressive groups and Democrats in Congress have, over the last several months, been encouraging the White House to take a more solid stand in defending the healthcare law reforms, which Republicans presidential candidates and lawmakers routinely denounce.

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