What options are available for life insurance after being diagnosed with breast cancer?

Awareness, early detection, and ever-improving medical treatments are allowing a growing number of women who have received a breast cancer diagnosis to survive the disease and live long and full lives.

However, due to this complication to their medical histories, it can make these breast cancer survivors assume that there won’t be any life insurance options available to them that will help to protect their families.

For some, a diagnosis of breast cancer has meant a significant increase in life insurance premiums, even after treatments have been successfully completed for several years, and many have been denied coverage all together. Other women discover that they are faced with a waiting period of several years before they can become eligible for coverage once more.Life Insurance

That said, this circumstance is beginning to change due to the improving medical incomes and treatment options that are being provided by medical science. Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), one of the largest life insurers in the country, has announced that they have changed their guidelines for underwriting in order to provide survivors of breast cancer (both invasive and noninvasive) with more favorable disability income insurance and life insurance coverage rates.

The insurer has combined the latest treatments and scientific knowledge of breast cancer into its revisions so that current and former breast cancer patients will have more and improved options available to them. In the case of some treatments, for example, the postponement times have been decreased. For others, more favorable rates were made available and candidates are able to qualify for them earlier.

There are other types of plans like cancer insurance that offer benefits in case of being diagnosed or if cancer reoccurs, but most companies have a waiting period of several years after being deemed cancer free.

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