The Airbnb Insurance from top to bottom: a detailed guide to the rental property guard

what is airbnb insurance

What is Airbnb insurance?

Airbnb business has launched the insurance program quite soon after the start. They decided to provide a comprehensive plan for keeping travelers, hosts, and vacation rental businesses safe and thoroughly secured from unexpected losses.

Airbnb insurance initiative provides two main coverage options: Host Protection and Host Guarantee. To learn the details about how they work and in which cases they protect you, guests, and the property – you can get a consultation at the professional Airbnb management company – read more

The Airbnb Insurance from top to bottom: a detailed guide to the rental property guard

To differentiate Host Protection scheme from the Host Guarantee scheme, you should know the following: the Protection works like a liability policy and refunds the costs of damages and/or injuries made against hosts by third parties. On the contrary, Host Guarantee is designed by Airbnb to cover damages and losses to the host’s own property caused by visitors and their actions during or after the stay. Both aspects are included in the Airbnb insurance plan and both provide a refund of up to $1 million. Hosts are automatically enrolled in the insurance protection, which lasts for the entire term of the guest’s stay.

To sum it all up:

  • Host Protection Insurance backs up your official responsibility to guests’ injuries or guests’ property damages. It also covers property damages of common areas caused by Airbnb guests.
  • At the same time, Host Protection Insurance cannot be used to cover losses and expenses, which result from intentional (not accidental) actions, damage or losses to hosts’ properties or belongings – those are protected by Airbnb’s Host Guarantee.

However, some hosts need additional insurance for cases, which are not included in the default plans, for example, stolen or intentionally damaged properties or other risks, pollution, or mold damages. Airbnb insurance is valid only in the case of some major events, like water, fire, or earthquake damage, damage to separate things (furniture, electronics), and legal liability.

The Airbnb refund is calculated based on the building’s age, the construction materials used, the number of units, the fire protection systems installed, the value of the rental revenue and other factors individually. It may not be enough for some hosts.

Is additional insurance a reasonable choice?

Adding custom insurance may seem to be a reasonable choice. MasterHost is your valuable and experienced guide to help you make the right choice in securing your investment. We know the details of combining additional insurance policies and plans with the default Airbnb offers and are ready to consult hosts on the top insurance providers in their region.

Few insurance companies are willing to help you get this kind of insurance for short-term/vacation rental businesses and homeowners renting out their property on Airbnb. Investing money in the purchase of stand-alone insurance plans can be somewhat costly and confusing, however, finding an affordable and effective plan is real, especially together with a professional Airbnb management company.

The advantages of Airbnb Insurance for visitors

Your guests can feel secured for their health and property knowing that the official Airbnb refund will cover possible expenses in case of an unexpected situation. The entire Insurance program works in two directions: it protects the interests of property owners and their guests. This allows you as a host to continue doing business safely on one hand, and ensuring hassle-free short-term rental experience for guests – on the other hand.

Is Airbnb insurance available everywhere?

Regardless of the fact that Airbnb Insurance is available free of charge to all users registered at the platform, some countries, provinces and states have their own legislation about short-term rental providers. These laws can influence the quality and the extent of the protection for both the Guarantee and Protection agreements signed by Hosts.

The Bottom Line

Try to read all you can find out about Airbnb Insurance: Host Guarantee and Host Protection to understand better your rights and opportunities. Compare different  insurance plans and policies, understand your local legislation regarding vacation rental business. You can get your property covered by purchasing third-party insurance to make sure your investment is protected from all possible angles.


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