What can fitness experts expect from personal trainer insurance?

Personal Trainer Insurance - Personal Trainer

Fitness experts face a number of liability exposures and need commercial policies designed to protect them.

Personal trainer insurance is a category of commercial policies created for the protection of these fitness professionals.

Many trainers think they’re covered with a general liability business policy but may need more.

Though the basic level of personal trainer insurance typically does involve commercial general liability coverage, there are other policies that better cover a fitness expert’s exposures. Indeed, it’s easy to remember the need for third-party bodily injury, reputation harm and property damage, there are other needs as well.

On average, a fitness professional in this line of work will pay between $150 and $1,500 per year for business insurance coverage. The specific amount paid depends on the size of the business or number of clients, the annual revenue, location in which services are provided (at a gym, a home-based gym, or at the customer’s home or somewhere else), and other factors.

It’s always recommended that fitness experts understand their unique personal trainer insurance needs.

Depending on a fitness instructor’s operations, additional policies could be needed. For instance, a trainer with a large amount of expensive exercise equipment or who has his or her own studio may need additional commercial property insurance. Commercial property insurance can offer you additional coverage against, theft, fire, vandalism, windstorm and hail. In this case, a business owners policy (BOP) will usually provide the necessary coverage as it bundles commercial property insurance with general liability coverage.

Professional liability policies can also be helpful as it provides additional coverage against professional negligence accusations and the legal fees that could ensue. This is also often known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance.

That said, it’s often preferred to obtain a policy meant specifically for fitness trainers in the form of a personal trainer insurance policy as opposed to businesses in general. This way, the business owner can Personal Trainer Insurance - Personal Trainerbe confident that the exposures unique to this type of business would be covered. It ensures that the provider has a solid understanding of the policies that are appropriate to this kind of operation.

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