Wellness programs are having an impact on health insurance

health insurance wellness gym

Survey shows that wellness programs are becoming much more popular among businesses

health insurance wellness gymM3 Insurance has released the results of a new survey concerning workplace wellness programs. These programs are often instituted by employers as a way to cut down on their health insurance premiums. Insurers sometimes offer discounted rates for those participating in these programs as they are making an effort to stay healthy. Those outside of wellness programs tend to have higher rates on average as insurers believe they are more of a financial risk.

77% of businesses in Wisconsin are offering some type of wellness program to their employees

The survey shows that 77% of companies in Wisconsin are now offering some type of workplace wellness program. Many of the organizations surveyed offer incentives designed to encourage participation in these programs. Employers that offered risk assessments and screenings saw higher degrees in participation than those that did not. Many employees seem to enjoy these programs if they offer some degree of benefit, especially when it comes to insurance coverage.

Survey identifies challenges facing the success of wellness programs

The survey found that one of the most significant challenges facing wellness programs has to do with the lack of resources and funding. These programs are not generally well funded, partly because they often lack the attention of employees that could make use of these programs. With limited funding, these programs cannot obtain the resources that they need, making them somewhat less valuable and, to some people, a waste of time.

Wellness programs could have a noticeable impact on the cost of health insurance coverage, making participation in these programs and attractive idea

Wellness programs can focus on a wide variety of different, health-related issues. Some programs are designed specifically to help people stop smoking tobacco, while others exist to encourage physical activity. These programs can have a significant effect on the cost of health insurance coverage. Those that participate in these programs often see a decrease in their insurance premiums and, in some cases, insurers offer credit to those that achieve certain goals relating to the wellness program they are participating in.

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