Wearable technology may change the nature of workers compensation claims

workers compensation safety month

New breakthroughs in wearables could potentially revolutionize the healthcare industry.

Recent advancements in wearable technology are changing the nature of healthcare, especially when it comes to boosting the independence and overall wellbeing of patients who are suffering from serious injuries, which could have some interesting implications for workers compensation claims.

The idea is that by using wearables, the insurance industry could greatly benefit in overall claims costs.

The workers compensation industry could be able to save a considerable amount on its claims while it greatly improves the quality of life for employees who have been seriously injured. Moreover, it may even be able to enhance workplace productivity. This, according to the One Call Care Management ATP and vice president of rehab solutions and complex care education, Zack Craft. This was recently the topic presented by Craft at One Call University. He stated that “Within the workplace, wearable technology will significantly impact employees in three ways: help prevent workplace injury, keep routine injuries from migrating into more serious problems, and improve the long-term health status and independence of those who have serious injuries.”

Wearable technology could potentially be used to prevent workers compensation claims and to reduce their costs.

workers compensation safety monthCraft explained that the innovations taking place in wearable tech may, for instance, help to make it possible for a worker to be able to monitor his or her posture, or to gauge the amount and type of exercise that is being received. This can also help to determine whether or not equipment is being improperly used. Moreover, it may also be able to assist people who have been paralyzed through injury, to be able to wear a type of exoskeleton to be able to walk about. While that may sound futuristic, it is expected that this technology will receive FDA approval next year.

By avoiding many injuries and complications in the first place, it becomes possible decrease the costs connected with treatments and can shrink the risk of complications and re-injury. For people who have experienced considerable limitations, they will be able to enjoy a greater level of independence.

Craft pointed out four main areas of workers compensation claims that could benefit from wearable technology, which were: bariatric claims, complex/catastrophic claims, geriatric claims and short-term claims.

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