Voluntary Advantage Welcomes Steve Clabaugh, CLU, ChFC as Key Contributor

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Voluntary Advantage is excited to announce that Steve Clabaugh, CLU, ChFC will be a Key Contributor to their monthly publication for the Voluntary Benefits industry, “The Voluntary Benefits Voice”. 

Starting as a Field Agent, Steve had the opportunity to serve in a wide range of capabilities in the insurance industry including: Sales Manager, General Manager, Regional Manager, Vice President, Senior Vice President and President/CEO. A long-time serious student of professional leadership, over the final years of his career, Steve created the Relational Leadership program that has been used to train home office and field sales associates from mid-level managers to senior vice presidents. He will be sharing many of the principles learned and taught in his monthly articles. According to Steve, “the technology and product offerings of today have progressed a long ways since my retirement but the principles of leadership that inspires and challenges leaders are timeless. I hope these articles will benefit today’s leaders as we continue to take voluntary benefits to the next level.” 

voluntary advantage blog and publication helpful informatoin

“Although Steve is officially retired with his wife Gretchen in North Carolina, Voluntary Advantage is ecstatic that he will make the time to share his Relational Leadership insights with our subscribers. One of our key take-away items when listening to our marketplace was the growing gap around professional development and leadership training. We feel like we’ve hit a grand slam in having Steve as a contributor to our publication” according to Trevor Garbers.

Voluntary Advantage is a newly formed entity with a mission of creating a community for the Voluntary Benefits industry to share information and ideas with the intent of driving innovation in the industry. The first edition of the Voluntary Benefits Voice will be published in January 2023. 

Visit www.voluntary-advantage.com today to subscribe to receive information, updates, and the Voluntary Benefits Voice magazine. 

For marketing and advertising requests for Voluntary Advantage, please contact Heather Garbers at [email protected] or Trevor Garbers at [email protected]


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