Voluntary Advantage Welcomes Key Contributor For Their Monthly Publication

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November 29, 2022 / Denver, Colorado: Voluntary Advantage is excited to announce Sydney Consulting as a Key Contributor to their monthly publication for the Voluntary Benefits industry, “The Voluntary Benefits Voice”. 

Sydney is an Actuarial and Compliance consulting firm that specializes in the supplemental benefits market. Sydney works with a gamut of insurance carriers; from Fortune 500 insurance titans to closely held market disruptors, providing end-to-end solutions for bringing products to market. Their services include product development, pricing, valuation, forms construction, rate and form filing, legal research, objection responses, technology solutions, and competitive market analysis. By working with a bevy of stakeholders, like brokers, carriers, and regulators, the Sydney Team is poised to overcome even the most complex challenges.

experts with Voluntary Advantage in the supplemental benefits market

Sydney is excited to share information with the marketplace through the Voluntary Advantage distribution. Per Sydney: “Given the devolution of ACA plans into high-deductible premium sinks, the need for a robust and competitive voluntary benefits market has never been greater.”

Voluntary Advantage is a newly formed entity with a mission of creating a community for the Voluntary Benefits industry to share information and ideas with the intent of driving innovation in the industry. Voluntary Advantage believes the unique industry expertise Sydney Consulting has will provide their readers with market leading content on a monthly basis, at a time when these areas are more important than ever before. The first edition of the Voluntary Benefits Voice will be published in January 2023. 

Visit www.voluntary-advantage.com today to subscribe to receive information, updates, and the Voluntary Benefits Voice magazine. 

For more information on Sydney Consulting, visit: https://sydneygrp.com/ 

For Voluntary Advantage marketing and advertising requests, please contact Heather Garbers at [email protected] or Trevor Garbers at [email protected]


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