What You Can Trade Using Juno Markets Broker

A broker plays an essential role in the financial market. The main role of a broker is to provide an easy way for accessing the financial markets, making some profit in the process.

When deciding on the broker to trade with, it is essential that consider the number of instruments you can trade. Juno Markets Broker offers several trading instruments, which include:


Juno Markets Broker offers you access to the forex market with high-speed execution and low spreads.

The Forex market is available for 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday. The platform gives you access to over 75 currency pairs with 0.01 lots as minimum trade size. In addition, the platform offers maximum leverage of 500, and you can start trading forex with as little as a hundred dollars.

Juno Markets ensures that forex traders can trade on the tightest spreads by offering an all-in variable spread. Forex trading is available from 5.00 pm Sunday EST to 5.00 pm Friday, and the platform rollover any trade position held after 5.00 pm EST.


Precious metals are a haven investment and are popular during volatile markets. You can access spot pricing and trade various metals on a single platform on Juno Markets Broker.

The precious metals available on Juno Markets are silver, gold, palladium, and platinum. A leverage ratio of up to 500:1 is available, and you can trade lots beginning as low as 0.01. The precious metal market is highly liquid, and Juno Markets gives traders access to this market without any restriction.

Traders can also hedge their portfolios against market volatility and inflation by investing in precious metals. You can trade precious metals between 1.00 to 24.00 GMT from Monday to Friday. However, the precious metals market is volatile immediately after opening and before closing. Therefore, Juno Markets Broker opens the metals market one minute past 1.00 and closes one minute before 24.00 to limit the widening spreads.

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The energy market, especially oil, offers many opportunities to active traders. You can take advantage of this market using the Juno Market’s proprietary UK Brent and US Crude Oil trading without any contract expirations.

Trade oil on Juno Markets has a leverage ratio of up to 100:1. The platform also offers flexible trade sizes, starting with at least ten oil barrels with no trading restrictions. These flexible trade sizes allow traders with little capital to open positions and take advantage of this profoundly liquid market.

The price of oil tends to fluctuate based on economic cycles and seasons. Juno markets will allow you to take advantage of these cycles and seasons by letting you open positions with no expiration dates.

Stock Indices

Stock indices measure a stock market or a segment of the stock market. Stock indices assist investors and traders in measuring market performance by comparing current stock price levels with historical prices. As a result, traders and investors can have a broader view of a segment’s performance instead of choosing individual stocks.

Juno Markets Broker gives investors access to major global stock indices from the United States, Europe, and Asia through Contract for Differences (CFDs).

Juno market has access to 11 of the world’s most liquid and largest indices. The platform also allows you to extend your trading time beyond the traditional exchange hours. In addition, Juno offers you access to this highly liquid market at zero commission.

Shares Contract of Differences

Juno Markets enables traders to trade the largest companies in the world through Contract for Differences. CFDs allow traders to trade on margin, so they don’t have to tie up the entire market value of the trade position they open.

Through Juno Markets, traders have access to NASDAQ, which gives them access to the world’s most recognizable companies. In addition, Juno does not charge any commission and has no restrictions on going short.

Cryptocurrency Contract for Differences

Juno Markets Brokers is a regulated crypto liquidity provider that gives you access to the world’s most popular cryptos, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Ripples. It also has a leverage of 10 and charges no commission allowing you to open positions with tight spreads.

You can also earn interest on short spreads, allowing you to profit when prices are either rising or falling. In addition, traders can hold buy and sell positions simultaneously.


An ideal broker offers traders a variety of instruments to trade in. The more instruments a trader has access to, the more opportunities for trading. Juno Markets Brokers offers traders several instruments to choose from.

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